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Modrock man I by CaptainVonJr Modrock man I :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 0 0 Cardboard- Final Piece by CaptainVonJr Cardboard- Final Piece :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 2 0 Panda Print by CaptainVonJr Panda Print :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 1 1 Panda Print WIP (Part II) by CaptainVonJr Panda Print WIP (Part II) :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 0 0 Panda Print WIP by CaptainVonJr Panda Print WIP :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 1 3 Charcoal Hands by CaptainVonJr Charcoal Hands :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 1 0
Wrong Number and a Few Empty Bottles
Jude sat opposite the phone. It was staring at him from where he sat, tempting him. For the past hour Jude had been deciding whether or not he should call Robert. He missed him. He really did. Unable to control himself, he lunged at the phone and had dialed Robert’s number, he held his breath, shocked at his actions. The phone was ringing and Jude was unsure if he should hang up, or stay on the line. Yet, before Jude could contemplate upon such decisions any longer, he heard Robert answer at the other end.
“Hello?” Robert asked the phone. Choking, Jude said nothing for a few moments, unable to string together a sentence.
“Jude? Are you alright?” There it was. That all American accent that Jude had longed to hear for so painfully long. Exhaling a sigh, Jude replied.
“Yes, I am thank you. I certainly hope that you are also my friend… I was simply wondering what you were up to.” Not a complete lie.
“I actually have some rather excitin
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One Week Old by CaptainVonJr One Week Old :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 1 1 Teenage Angst by CaptainVonJr Teenage Angst :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 0 0
Another Battle for the Avengers- Part One
Steve knew that Peter would be at school by now, leaving the entire house solely to him and Tony. That mounted a smile on Steve’s face. Steve rolled over to find his husband face-down in an assortment of pillows and the quilt drawn over the top of his head. The smile on Steve’s face grew into a smirk, when that man wanted to sleep, he could sleep!
Ever so gently, Steve ushered Tony awake, taking into account how vile Tony could sometimes be in the mornings, and bitterly wanting to avoid it. As Steve crept closer to Tony under the covers he was met with a small cold object. Rummaging under the quilt, he surfaced the object, discovering it to be a ring. A wedding ring.
For a few brief moments, Steve simply worked it between his fingers before resting it in his palm. He checked his left hand, just to be sure that it wasn’t his ring that was off, yet there it sat, tightly round his finger.
So there was no doubt about it, it was Tony’s ring. Yet, why was it no
:iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 29 5
Curling hand by CaptainVonJr Curling hand :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 0 0
Changing by Remorse- Part Five
“We’re home!” announced Dylan as he burst through the front door, letting himself in first.
There was no reply as to acknowledge their presence; the house was rather quite, the atmosphere was built tense, it felt unnerving to them all.
Usually, the maid would have called out some sort of insult back that would have resemble her equivalent of a `welcome home’, it would be negative, yet cheery nonetheless.
Yet they continued to await a response of any sort.
Flustered and relatively reddened in the face, the maid had appeared by the kitchen doorway suddenly.  Everyone cocked their heads at her whilst she wiped a hand across her forehead, obviously tired.
She exhausted a slight pant before applying a false grin, directed at Robert,
“Got a present for you in the kitchen Robert.” She trailed away to the location of the kitchen where the four of them initially decided she wanted them to follow her towards.
In all honesty, Robert was slightly petrified
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How to become a superhero by CaptainVonJr How to become a superhero :iconcaptainvonjr:CaptainVonJr 2 2
Changing by Remorse -Part Four
They had finally arrived at their destination; it looked so deserted compared to the night before. No big lights, crowds of queuing people, and most noticeably, no pounding music either.
If Jude hadn’t have been able to recollect where the party had been last night, Robert was positive he wouldn’t have pieced together that this had been the venue.
He eyed up the club searching for any sort of memory that would give him an indication that this was the correct place. Yet, when he looked over to Jude to remind him that he was still slightly drunk, he decided that the look upon Jude’s face was certain enough.
He almost seemed satisfied with himself that he’d remembered, that was convincing enough for Junior.
“Ok, I’m gonna go in”. Junior stated before he stepped out.
On any other day he would have scanned the streets several times, just to be sure that he wouldn’t be harassed for an autograph, or aggravated by the paparazzi.
Yet, there were d
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Changing by Remorse -Part Three
Astounded, Jude stepped back a few paces away from him, unable to break his stare. None of this could be possible; there was no explainable conclusion as to how this could have happened.
Robert looked on at Jude; he saw the confusion in his eyes and the distaste in his face. Junior rubbed at his eyes wiping his tears away. There was a slight hope inside of him that when he looked up at Jude again, that he would look differently at Robert, more understanding, not demeaning.
Jude continued to look perplexed, utterly dazed at what the hell was going on. Roberts face fell further.
After a few daunting seconds of trying to straighten out his racing mind, he had become seriously concerned. Jude's mouth twitched. There was so much he wanted to ask Robert, so much he needed to say, yet nothing actually made it past his lips. Nothing now made any sense to Jude. He continued to sway as he had from earlier, not due to the fact that he was that baffled, but because this was too much to deal
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Changing by Remorse- Part Two
"What the fuc-?" Al started but immediately snapped shut when given a disapproving look by her father. It was her only rational response to what she was desperately trying to wrap her brain around.
She didn't understand; only last night he had silver in his hair and was matured nicely with age. This person acted like Robert, like her father, he was still unimpressed by her continuous swearing, and he was still as sarcastic as him too… but he only looked to be half a decade older than her.
"I honestly dunno…" Junior steadied his elbows on the work surface in which he then slid his head in hands from where they were ruffled in his hair.
He looked so sincere, slouched over an empty coffee cup, obviously thinking how he got into this position himself.
Al studied him over, wondering if any of this could be even remotely real and possibly all just a freaky dream. She was immensely confused on how this person who was barely out of their teens could be her father. Yet, something she
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Some good, some bad, but all enjoyed.
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Okay, theres been a few, but not enough time to upload, I will though x Castiel Sorry PLZ 
My Final Piece for the term will be made entirely of cardboard- the study of the term- Depressed Blinking Emote  and it will be 3D- look out
Thanks x
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I don't usally do things the easy way, I do quite enjoy being different and suprising people in any way.
I can't express how much I LOVE MARVEL ( singling out Iron Man there *drool*...). The Avenger's movie is the best thing that has ever happened since... the birth of RDJr.
Yeah, I know, but do I care? NO! ;)

I'm also way too optomistic. :iconsatoshiwaveplz:

:iconkonikospinplz: ...and hopefully, slightly odd too.
Funnilywittily random teacosy.


Fitzi x


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